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Whether you are a novice or season angler looking to spend some family time or impressing your new business partner, Imagos charters offer a wide variety of trips from half to multi day Bahama vacations. We strive to be fully prepared to all opportunities and focus on the important thing.

Tournament style fishing with a fun and friendly crew
Capt. Christian is a 3rd generation fisherman with a passion of showing the novice all the oceans beauty. His passion for the seas led him to begin his career as a deck tech. at the early age of 15. Upon the age of 18 this Capt. was among the youngest to earn his U.S.C.G. maritime Capt. License and begin his own charter business with many tournament wins. Capt. Christian has fish the world from North to South America, Bahamas, Hawaii, and Europe

Sport Fishing Magazine
“Some of the best fishing in America is available 3 miles offshore from Miami and Miami beach! Miami fishing is a true world-class destination. We had sailfish and swordfish in a single day!”

Miami fishing results in good catches of dozens of species daily!!
“Imagos boat” is located in the productive fishing ground of southeast Florida. The vessel is a new contender open fisherman tournament rigged with 360 degrees of fish ability. These boats are designed to get you first to the fishing grounds and in comfort with there incredibly smooth and dry ride. With over 13 different seating arrangements there is plenty of room for some shuteye. The vessel is equipped with state of the art equipment including radar for the rain and birds. On board are 12, 20, 50 and 80 pound custom rods and fly gear for whatever game fish may swim by. Life jackets for infants to adults and self-deploying life rafts and first aid equipment are all on board for your safety.

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