South Florida is a swordfish nursery that is protected from long line fisherman offering a population on a level dreamed of with the opportunity for multiple catches in a single evening. To target these magnificent beasts we typically drift in the gulfstream under the star filled sky with a 6 rod fishing pattern. Daytime Swordfishing is the new hottest challenge as we deep drop to well over 1,200 feet below the surface with the help of a power assist reel to get connected to a Broadbill that can break the surface only seconds later. These fish are bigger in size averaging 175 pounds to well over 300 pounds.

Our daytime off shore fishing involves live baiting for Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna & King Mackerel. The list is endless on what can be caught due to the effectiveness of the fishing kite. Live bait is drifted on one side of the vessel while a kite or two are flown on the opposite side with three lines to each through release clips with more dangling baits. You now have live baits all around the boat, a technique sacrificed on enclosed fishing boats (Sport Fish).

If the action on the surface is slow we turn to the hundreds of artificial reefs targeting the tasty Grouper, Snapper, African Pompanos & assorted Jacks. Upon reaching the reef, the Captain begins a method called wreck hopping, spending the hours going to ship wrecks & artificial reefs fishing and sorting fish. These wrecks are at time only 50 feet apart holding schools of fish all the way to the surface. This will wear you out as it is an all out tug-of-war preventing the fish from getting hung in the wreck.

Dolphin fishing or “Mahi Mahi” as it’s commonly referred to is also done frequently by a method called running and gunning. The way it's done is by chasing down flocks of birds that follow schools of Dolphin intercepting their migration paths and deploying live baits. Once you're hooked up Christian maintains the vessel ahead of the school offering the opportunity to throw a fly, jig or simply more live bait. These schools of fish are impressive containing hundreds of fish at a time swimming right up to the boat investigating.

For the more laid back fisherman, Christian offers the opportunity to deep drop with an electric reel and multiple hook rigs for the mystic fish of the depths which are most delicious.

Upon reaching the inlet spawning, Tarpon and Snook are stacked by the hundreds ambushing any baitfish flowing with the tide. Tarpon are targeted by drifting live shrimp, crab or mullet when most abundant. The opportunity always exists to throw a fly or plug at rolling fish.

Season's List

Although available year round, Swordfish weather is best May through October but catching is best August through March.

Tarpon is available year round though the larger fish are found from February until June.

Sailfish is best during the winter months until late spring but are still caught all year.

For the tasty Snapper they are best through out the summer months.

Grouper and Cobia are at their best in the winter months.

Tunas make their way in the spring.

Sharks are abundant in the spring and early summer.


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